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A great coach can bring significant changes in your life by his own life experiences and cognition.  

A Lifetime success, prosperity & plenty of wealth for yourself & your family is just a click away.

An excellent decision can bring significant progress in yourself and in your family.

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Mr. Suresh Murlidhar Wagh (Sevak)

Rather than working for success, having love for the work we do at the end, brings success to us. Success comes with love, joy, great effort and smart work.

Who are these books for?

This positive and motivating book, is especially for those students who want to study after 10th standard as this book teaches how we can stay away from vices and attain ever-lasting success and spiritual happiness.

This positive and motivating book, is also for those who are in jobs, or those who have small-big businesses or even those who are farmers.

This positive book, is for those who want to earn money, be successful and want to attain spiritual happiness.

This positive and motivating book, is for those who want to rid them-selves or their near and dear ones of any type of addictions.

This positive and motivating book, is for those who want to reduce or increase their weight.

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Let's Go To Success With Love & Happiness

Let's Go To Happy School of Success

Motivation is the fuel that helps you to achieve your goals. These Motivational books or coaching sessions create a positive and optimistic impact on your life. They boost your confidence and help in developing a positive outlook towards life. Our Books make you realize how powerful you can be in your life and gives you practical ways to achieve your life’s goals and success.

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Author has a great experience in providing best positive and result oriented coaching for fast and sure results.


All contents in the books and online coaching lessons are crafted from the professionals to match the needs of all viewers.

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Books and online coaching materials are available in three languages for the convenience of our viewers. 

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Our books are online courses are crafted by industry experts with years of experience in psychology, extreme research and development with 100% proven techniques to achieve your life goals. We offer our solutions in multiple languages at most competitive rates.

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Course and books are crafted by years of research and development through industry experts.

Value for Time

All online coaching courses and books are designed in a way to train anybody in small and short time frame. So the person can kickstart its way to success.

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All course materials and books are available in three languages for all native language speakers. Contents are showcased in a practical way approach so it becomes interesting for all.


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